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NGO that is always the voice to the voiceless in all nation to the VULNERABLE WWAP is a vibrant, community development and progress-oriented organization made up of young and dedicated volunteers working together for the development of rural communities. Volunteering in Ghana is both challenging and rewarding; you will gain practical experience, networking opportunities.

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We work from Monday to Friday from 8am to 9pm '' Ring our office or E-mail us anytime and you will get your response within 24hrs, or you can contact the Branch manager on facebook / skype (kees bless jnr) for more details
Working hours: 20 – 35hrs per week
Working days: Mondays - Fridays
Weekends are for volunteers to travel for sightseeing or hiking
Projects are all walking distan

  • western world assistance project

Greater Accra and Volta Region



Our work promotes international cooperation, friendship, cultural exchange and sustainable socioeconomic development through voluntary work placements. We believe that volunteering should be a two way benefit where the volunteer placement should interest you and be suitable for your placement needs to gain practical work experience, enhance your resume, networking with overland adventures while you are able to assist your 'Host'.

WWAP vision is based on the believe that every Ghanaian is entitled to safety, good health, and nurturing environment that will lead to uplifting of the community. In order to achieve this, our value is integrity, compassion and efficiency.


  1. Promote volunteerism and voluntary efforts in social and national development.
  2. To encourage international and local volunteers towards volunteerism to contribute in community development.
  3. To fight poverty and exclusion; strengthen the capacity of disadvantaged communities; support initiative for peace, human rights and equity and mobilize resources.
  4. To help the less privilege in the community which cannot afford high cost of computer literacy in these rural areas?

As U.S. President John F. Kennedy once said:

Never before has man had such a great capacity to control his own environment, to end hunger, poverty and disease, to banish illiteracy and human misery. We have the power to make the best generation of mankind in the history of the world.

What difference can you make???????????



Western World Assistance Project (WWAP) is an organization dedicated to provide year-round programs for international volunteers to interact in development process by participating in projects which support to enrich the lives of deprived children and women in rural communities. The organization aims to find volunteer placements and provide support for individual or group volunteers in our country.

Bless Junior Agbele is a self-motivated, energetic young man who has passion for development who desire to advocate for the voiceless and stretching arms to the less privilege, which led him to establish these


He founded the organization on the basis of providing welfare services to the vulnerable especially children.

 He is God fearing and depends on Almighty for His protection and wisdom.

Mr. Ralf Matzke is a German by nationality. He is the International Coordinator for WWAP and also in charge of resource mobilization for the various projects undertaken by the organization. He is committed to the work of the organization and loves children. With the help of my true friend Sampson Adzakro who is always there to support me morally and with everything he has and was very motivating was one of the major key players to bring this great vision to reality.